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Imagine this scenario: You wake up one day with this unimaginable pain. Rolling around in your bed, screaming of pain, you manage to find the source of your agony. Hoping that your discomfort will just pass, you try lying very still for some time. When that fails you go to the pharmacy and ask them: "What can you give me for pain management"? They give you some over the counter ibuprofen and a sort of balm for muscle soreness. You give that a try for a few days, but the pain persists. That's when you decide that you've had enough and you go to the doctor. When your turn finally arrives the so-called 'expert' proclaims "It's just a muscle ache, it'll pass naturally" and prescribes you a stronger painkiller. More time and agony pass and finally the problem goes away. You're not really sure if it was the painkillers, or something else, that solved your problem. But after some time that the pain reoccurs, you realize that there might be a bigger underlying problem. 

I'm sure most people have experienced this scenario or something similar. Pain is a constant source of despair and the resulting indifference caused by hopelessness. However, there is hope: the power of nutrition. 

Here are the top 10 natural supplements that we believe will help with your growing muscle pain. 

Muscle Pain Relief Top Ingredients Infographic

While you will notice a substantial reduction in your pain by using these ingredients when put together in one powerful formula, you should note that they do need help from you. By combining dietary supplements with the right diet as well as exercise, you are giving the body all the ammunition it needs to fight (and hopefully defeat forever) your affliction.

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